There are a lot of cool things happening in racing now so it’s not easy! Of course winning Le Mans is one of them, even just to drive an LMP1 like an Audi or a Porsche would be really cool to experience because those cars are really innovative, more than Formula One I would say because F1 is very tightly regulated.

I already raced at the Bugatti circuit, so I’ve already driven the first three corners and the last corner of Le Mans. I was joking with the guys saying, ‘we already know three corners, let’s do the real thing!’ The atmosphere at the 24 hours is really different to an ordinary weekend like we had for the World Series. Even though there were lots of people there because it was a free event, you didn’t have all the trucks there, the catering, the small food stands – it was like being at Misano.

I was there last year for the 24 hours when Porsche won and when my father drove himself in 2010. That was really special – he came 7th in GT2, but back then there was no Pro and Am class, there were 18 teams and most of them were full factory teams, so to finish 7th amongst all the other factory teams was quite an accomplishment.

Racing in LMP1 at Le Mans would be a dream, but for now the Lamborghini GT3 is already an amazing car and an amazing opportunity that I’ve got. I’m still only 20 and a lot of my friends envy me that I can go to different countries and race there.

The biggest race I’ve done so far was the Spa 24 Hours last year in the Bentley. The car stopped after eight hours when something in the drivetrain broke which was too bad, but it was amazing. During your first stint you’re never at your best and my first stint was at night – I was a bit overwhelmed! Immediately I was in the middle of a train of cars and I couldn’t see that much, but eventually I got used to it and started making progress. It was really cool just to experience the violence of all the GT3 cars driving in the night at the same time.

I always went to Spa to watch my father race there, he did it seven times and I remember thinking I could do that as well, but it turned out to be really hard! Last year I did another 24 hour race in a BMW at Zolder so I could get more experience of driving in the dark, that’s one thing for sure I can apply this year.

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